LiveX Cloud

Due to Covid-19 pandemic and the necessary shift to digital learning and education, we made some significant changes in LiveX resulting in today’s release of “LiveX Cloud”. The new version of LiveX is a cloud-based solution that enables lecturers to offer virtual trading sessions and students to join these sessions online without the need for a lab environment. In LiveX Cloud, our clients run trading sessions on a dedicated web server that is available 24/7.

LiveX Cloud provides easy access to the server for both, lecturers as well as students. Lecturers that administrate the trading sessions can use their credentials to login via the application and create, edit and start trading sessions, while students use a server-related password to authorize, and operate on created financial markets. Of course, LiveX Cloud is shipped with all established features such as different market models, visualization tools, pre-defined scenarios or the visual scenario builder. 

LiveX Cloud comes as an executable or portable installer that can be downloaded by registered users directly from our website.

Download LiveX Cloud here: