LiveX team receives grant

The Chair of e-Finance receives a grant of the “eLearning-Foerderfonds 2015” for the development of the web-based market simulation software “LiveX Web”.

The Chair of e-Finance, represented by Prof. Dr. Peter Gomber, Christian Janze and Florian Glaser, successfully participated in the tendering procedure of the “eLearning-Foerderfonds 2015” and receives a grant for LiveX Web. The eLearning-Foerderfonds supports didactically innovative projects that utilize technology to improve the classroom experience.

LiveX Web aims to optimize the e-Learning offerings of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Goethe University Frankfurt. The primary goal of LiveX Web is to transfer LiveX Classic to a web-based version. This allows the instant usage of LiveX at any time, from any location, from any terminal and any operating system without the need for installation. In addition, we plan to include a real-time monitoring of the learning progress to provide instant feedback to our students.

Our existing and in-house developed market simulation software LiveX Classic regularly receives top ratings in student surveys and is used by corporate, academic and regulatory institutions (e.g. Georg-August-University Goettingen and Stuttgart Financial).

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eLearning-Foerderfonds 2015