LiveX Touch Licensed by Swiss Finance Museum

We are delighted to announce that the Swiss Finance Museum decided to rely on LiveX Touch to demonstrate visitors the nature of modern electronic financial markets (see Exhibit 1). The Swiss Finance Museum offers visitors a new multimedia exhibition, illustrating the origins of our economic system as well as the major significance of the financial market and its infrastructure for the global economy.

Exhibit 1: LiveX Touch at Swiss Finance Museum (Copyright: Swiss Finance Museum 2017)

LiveX Touch allows visitors to gain insights into the training program that is offered to prospective stockbrokers for working on the Swiss stock exchange. Among others, the Swiss Finance Museum is powered by SIX Swiss Exchange, which is one of the leading independent exchanges in Europe, offering a broad securities coverage ranging from stocks to derivative instruments such as stock options.

LiveX is one of the most advanced trading simulations currently available. LiveX regularly receives top ratings in student surveys and is used by corporate, academic and regulatory institutions. Our international reach and insights into global trading education enables us to constantly improve our products and to incorporate the borderless nature of today’s financial markets. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to explore possibilities to use LiveX at your instituion.